Dunlop Aeroflite 12 pc Shuttlecocks

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Product code: 777007

.ProdDetRight #infoTabs .infoTabPage li{list-style-type:none;text-align:center;}.grey {background-color:#EEE;min-height:34px;}.border {border:#CCC 1px solid;} Dunlop are perfect for training, practice, and club play, featuring a feathered end for a more accurate flight, these Dunlop Aeroflite 12 pc Shuttlecocks are highly durable.

Durable. Shuttlecocks. Qub

Number of DozenNumber of ShuttlecocksNumber of Packs1 Dozen12 Shuttlecocks1 Packs5 Dozen60 Shuttlecocks5 Packs10 Dozen120 Shuttlecocks10 Packs25 Dozen300 Shuttlecocks25 Packs50 Dozen600 Shuttlecocks50 Packs