No Fear
Micro Skateboard

RM 49.00 RM 99.00

Colour: Purples

Product code: 751007

No Fear Micro Skateboard. This No Fear Micro Skateboard is great for a challenge! With a small deck size and and wheel base the No Fear Micro Skateboard won't feel like any board you've ridden before and is sure to put a strain on your skills to make it look great. Complete with a performance grip tape and durable design this board will test your skills and provide endless entertainment while you do! Have fun anywhere trying to master this tricky little board.> No Fear Micro Skateboard> No Fear branding> Durable > Small deck size and short wheelbase> Tricky to master> Great fun with friends and as a challenge> H: 10 x D: 12.5 x W: 42.5 (cm)