Everlast Basketballball Ring

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Product code: 800073

Steel hoop that withstands the elements. Easy installation and dismantling using screws provided. Can be directly wall mounted or used on compatible basketball boards such as code 890407 Everlast Baskthe ground. A net hangs from the ring to indicate a successful shot.

Easy installation and dismantop diameter(inside): 45cm, Metal hoop diameter(outside): 46.6cm, 100% Nylon net, Product weight: approx. 1.00kgs. Package size: L 73 x W46 x H14cm.ndard height to mount the hoop: 3.05m, Metal hoop diameter: 45cm (inside) / 46.6cm (outside),

Material: Hoop: Metal. Net:100% Nylon.

Weight: approx. 1.00kg. Package size: (L)73 x (W)46 x (H)14cm.