Gul Kids Diving Set with Mask & Snorkel

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Product code: 882001

Explore Underwater Worlds with Ease

Complete Beginner Diving Set: Dive into adventure with our all-in-one kids' diving set, featuring a mask and easy-to-use snorkel. Unparalleled Safety: Our diving masks are equipped with shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses, ensuring your child's underwater explorations are safe from the risk of broken glass. Lightweight & Comfortable: Designed for young adventurers, our set boasts polycarbonate lenses for a lightweight fit, allowing hours of comfortable underwater discovery. Material Composition: Our masks and snorkels are crafted for durability and extended use, ensuring a seamless diving experience.

Perfect for young explorers eager to discover the wonders beneath the waves, this diving set promises safety, comfort, and endless fun.