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Mask Snorkel and Fin Set Children

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Gul Mask Snorkel and Fin Set Children

Great for your next water adventure, the Gul Snorkelling set consists of a mask, snorkel and fins. The Snorkel features a pre-angled mouthpiece, purge valve and a splash protector to prevent water intake. The fins provide a comfortable full foot fit and mimic a whale tail for a powerful thrust.The flexible blade and the diversion slot pushing technology help reduce water resistance. The goggles are designed with a curved lens, adjustable head strap and high strength tempered glass. Children Snorkel set Snorkel > Strap retainer > Pre-angled mouth piece > Splash protector > Purge valve > Conforms to EN1972:2015 safety standard Fins > Flexible blade > Whale tail fins > Diversion slot > Comfortable fit Mask > Curved lens > Tempered glass > Adjustable head strap > Conforms to EN16805:2015 safety standard

Product code: 881033