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Support 628-M Maxtaping A+

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Colour: Multi

Product code: 752138

LP Support 628-M Maxtaping A+ When you stand up from a chair, your knees complete a laborious motion that you hardly notice. The knee is a complex structure. It is responsible for coordinating joints and muscles to perform different movements. Although there is a spring-like structure inside the knee helping absorb the counterforce and gravity from the ground while we move, imbalanced movements or excessive exercise may lead to injury due to over use. After repeatedly analysing the complex motions of knee joint, LP SUPPORT has developed a product line of protective wear that can effectively provide stability and strength to the knee to ease the pressure it receives. Sizes: Size S: Recommend for use on Wrist / Foot / Ankle (5.5" x 14cm) Size M: Recommend for use on Elbow / Shoulder / Knee (7" x 18cm) Size L: Recommend for use on Neck / Back / Leg (8.7 " x 22cm)