Here at Sports Direct, we have various promotions and discounts available. We have weekly reductions, 2 for offers, as well as additional promo codes that we may give out during events or through online platforms. If you are lucky enough to have a promo code or have qualified for an instant rebate or any other type of discount, please be informed that the following products are EXCLUDED from these additional discounts, and will NOT count towards your rebate/discount:

  • Shuttlecocks
  • Flash Sale products
  • Any other promotional products

If there is a maximum limit on how many products you can order, we will state this limit on our advertising visuals. If you exceed this limit, your order may be edited to the maximum quantity or cancelled completely.

We reserve the right to decline orders for bulk or high-value purchases and to change price and availability information without notice

Promotions/activities can not be used in conjunction with others.

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.