Expanse Adults Swim Mask Goggle

RM 199.00

Colour: Blue

Product code: 885014

Nike Expanse Adults Swim Mask Goggle Keep your fitness goals clearly in sight with the Nike Swim Expanse Swim Mask Goggle. The pool goggles are made from an ultra-soft liquid silicone with flex points that help to keep water out while allowing for natural facial movement. A wide head strap featuring plenty of stretch helps to ensure a comfortable fit. Durable and flexible dual-density construction helps the swim goggles stand up to the rigors of regular use. > Soft liquid silicone. > Wide, stretchy head strap. > Black: Bright light tint | Blue: Medium light tint. > Mask: Polycarbonate/Liquid Silicone | Strap: Nylon/Latex | Buckle: Polycarbonate.