Vans, the definitive name in skateboarding, has dropped at USC by Sports Direct. Iconic Vans shoes and trainers are available in abundance, including the popular Vans Old Skool range, while Vans clothing and accessories are also up for perusal. We have an array of colours on offer too, from classic white and black Vans to brighter and flashier designs, plus popular Vans hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers socks will elevate your sk8 casual looks. Don’t forget to pick up a Vans backpack to really finish off your outfit.
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Vans RACE GFX LS TEE Sn41Vans RACE GFX LS TEE Sn41 RM 159.00Vans Asher Ld00Vans Asher Ld00 RM 259.00Vans Ward Sn43Vans Ward Sn43 RM 319.00Vans DERBY LS WOVEN Sn42Vans DERBY LS WOVEN Sn42 RM 319.00Vans BOX LOGO CREW Sn41Vans BOX LOGO CREW Sn41 RM 239.00Vans Filmore Sn00Vans Filmore Sn00 RM 279.00Vans Asher Sn00Vans Asher Sn00 RM 259.00Vans Asher Ld00Vans Asher Ld00 RM 239.00Vans CLSCCURVE TRUCK Sn43Vans CLSCCURVE TRUCK Sn43 RM 169.00Vans Ward Ld00Vans Ward Ld00 RM 299.00Vans Checkerboard Ward Mens ShoesVans Checkerboard Ward Mens Shoes RM 299.00Vans Ward Platform Ld00Vans Ward Platform Ld00 RM 299.00Vans BREAKAPART SS T Sn43Vans BREAKAPART SS T Sn43 RM 139.00Vans OTW SS TEE-B 00Vans OTW SS TEE-B 00 RM 139.00Vans GO GETTER XBODY Ld43Vans GO GETTER XBODY Ld43 RM 139.00Vans Ward Sn00Vans Ward Sn00 RM 279.00Vans Doheny Mens ShoesVans Doheny Mens Shoes RM 239.00Vans Ward Mens ShoesVans Ward Mens Shoes RM 279.00Vans Ward Ld41Vans Ward Ld41 RM 239.00Vans DERBY RLX PANT Sn42Vans DERBY RLX PANT Sn42 RM 299.00Vans Ward Sn43Vans Ward Sn43 RM 279.00Vans Filmore Decon Ld43Vans Filmore Decon Ld43 RM 279.00Vans Drop V Snapback CapVans Drop V Snapback Cap RM 139.00Vans Doheny Decon Sn00Vans Doheny Decon Sn00 RM 259.00Vans PERGS TOTE Ld43Vans PERGS TOTE Ld43 RM 249.00Vans OTW PO HOOD-RED 00Vans OTW PO HOOD-RED 00 RM 239.00Vans Doheny Ld00Vans Doheny Ld00 RM 239.00Vans Classic Crew Socks 3 PackVans Classic Crew Socks 3 Pack RM 89.00Vans Ward Sn33Vans Ward Sn33 RM 179.00Vans PRWCURVE JOCKEY Sn43Vans PRWCURVE JOCKEY Sn43 RM 139.00Vans OTW SS TEE-B 00Vans OTW SS TEE-B 00 RM 139.00Vans Classic Super Adults No Show SocksVans Classic Super Adults No Show Socks RM 69.00Vans Doheny Mens ShoesVans Doheny Mens Shoes RM 239.00Vans Doheny Ld00Vans Doheny Ld00 RM 239.00Vans Sports Vulc Mens ShoesVans Sports Vulc Mens Shoes RM 179.00Vans CHINO RLX SHORT Sn33Vans CHINO RLX SHORT Sn33 RM 139.00Vans Kick It Womens Crew SocksVans Kick It Womens Crew Socks RM 35.00Vans DROP V CREW 1PK Sn43Vans DROP V CREW 1PK Sn43 RM 35.00Vans Filmore Decon Womens ShoesVans Filmore Decon Womens Shoes RM 155.00Vans Ward Deluxe Ld31Vans Ward Deluxe Ld31 RM 165.00Vans Ward Ld41Vans Ward Ld41 RM 222.00Vans Ward Ld33Vans Ward Ld33 RM 165.00Vans CHCKER LOGO CAP Sn43Vans CHCKER LOGO CAP Sn43 RM 169.00Vans QUICKHIT JOCKEY Sn43Vans QUICKHIT JOCKEY Sn43 RM 139.00Vans Teller Vintage Unstuctured Snapback CapVans Teller Vintage Unstuctured Snapback Cap RM 99.00Vans Patch Bucket HatVans Patch Bucket Hat RM 169.00Vans Court Side CapVans Court Side Cap RM 139.00Vans Classic Canoodle SocksVans Classic Canoodle Socks RM 69.00Vans CLSC CANODL 3PK Sn00Vans CLSC CANODL 3PK Sn00 RM 69.00Vans Art Adults Quarter Crew SocksVans Art Adults Quarter Crew Socks RM 27.00Vans CHCKLOGO SHORTS Sn34Vans CHCKLOGO SHORTS Sn34 RM 139.00Vans CHINO RLX SHORT Sn33Vans CHINO RLX SHORT Sn33 RM 139.00